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A Convergence of Events

So, as it happened with timing, the great big Wuhan/Coronavirus scare was dropping just as we closed on the property and came up here to do prep on the house to be rented. We ended up staying up here for several weeks as it was a great place to isolate.

It also taught us a bunch of good lessons about the quirks and differences of living way out there instead of in the city.

A random list of those things:

---its colder by the river than online temps would have you believe

---the well water has a faint taste of the hot springs surrounding us - be sure we have water filters if you want to lessen that

---water conservation is a thing, and especially obvious when you run out of hot water quickly

---expect power and internet outages occasionally

---deciding to go shopping is a bigger deal when its at least 30 minutes away from anything (in the city, a large supermarket, Home Depot, etc, is only about 5 minutes away)

---you save money when there is nowhere to go out to eat or drink... actually we already knew that, but forced discipline helps. The forced part was equal parts distance and zombie apocalypse shutting everything down

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